Five Star Vacation Rentals Offer Amazing Travelling Experience For Nature Lovers

Five Star Vacation Rentals Offer Amazing Travelling Experience For Nature Lovers

Maria Cobb and Kevin Cobb have started the business of luxury vacation rentals on New Port beach only by accident. Both of them love travelling and have travelled a lot in the early days of life even before they started real estate business and worked in the hospitality industry for number of years. Being a passionate traveller, Maria had experienced many different incidents while travelling and while finding suitable comfortable accommodations. Five Star Vacation Rentals was a dream come true for Maria, for which she had to work hard and overcome lot many difficulties while running her business of luxury vacation rentals, which offers premium properties and positive rental options. Every experience she had undergone as an enthusiastic traveler had helped her along with Kevin to reach her goals.

Five Star Vacation Rentals for Happy & Satisfied Deals

Maria along with Kevin started her business of luxury vacations on New Port beach due to her love of traveling, finding new places and meeting different people as a part of her hobby. While having different experiences when she was traveling different places, she found how the accommodations play a significant role in enjoying the vacations, when a person is away from his home. The idea of offering better accommodation services came to Maria after both of them started the real estate business. With a limited investment, they brought a handful of properties. Most of their customers were happy and satisfied with the deals Maria did. The real estate business become successful and they started offering luxurious, high quality homes, apartments, estates and even work-places with separate cabins. Most of their customers were not only happy with the places but even felt proud of the properties and estates that they have bought.

A perfect Travelling Solution

The plan of offering luxurious properties and accommodations on New Port beach was a bold step and it became a perfect solution for the people who prefer to have larger groups while going to the vacations to have enjoyment. Some of the luxurious locations offered by Maria were amazing and the travelers love to visit the places again. Some of the nicely designed and arranged deluxe sites were preferred by the people for celebrating wedding parties, family functions and anniversaries. The nicely decorated and comfortable places were mainly preferred during parties and festivities. Maria Cobb along with Kevin Cobb has always looked after the guest well and offered them high quality services with complete care and concern.

Exotic Resorts & Golf Courses Available

Maria and her business of luxurious property have become popular not only among the customers who love to visit the places and enjoy the vacations but even property holders and the resort owners also. Most of the resort owners started approaching Maria and Kevin for the business opportunities. Most of the well-maintained luxurious places and the exotic resorts, golf courses and parks became part of Maria’s successful business plan.

The Five Star Vacation Rentals are deluxe and expansive properties available on New Port beach and offer customized services to the customers all over the world. The streamlined services offered by Maria, such as online booking, offering best of accommodations, priorities services according to the guest requirements, planning everyday schedule and offering easy to use custom apps which are highly functional while making the customers enjoy every moment at reasonable prices.

Air Passenger Rights That Every Flyer Should Know

Air Passenger Rights That Every Flyer Should Know

In case of unforeseen circumstances during flight, a common query of the travellers is to know their rights as a passenger. With the increasing popularity of air travel all over the world, it is very important for every flyer to know their basic rights when flying. In this post, we’ll have a look at some of the most important air passenger rights.

Air travel just like any other mode of transport can be affected by a number of unforeseen circumstances. In such cases, it is very important for the passengers to know their basic rights. There are aviation ministries and associations which oversee the passenger rights and ensure safe and comfortable flying experience.

No matter whether you rarely fly or are a frequent flyer, it is very important to know your rights as a passenger. Some of the most important passenger rights are mentioned below-

  1. Flight Delays

If you have booked a Jet Airways, SriLankan Airlines flight or flight of any other popular carrier, and it is delayed by more than 24 hours, then the air carrier is required to provide accommodation, with transfers from and to the airport free of cost. In case if a flight is delayed for two hours or more, the airline should offer complimentary refreshments and meals to the flyers. While the rights related to flight delays can slightly vary, almost every country offers similar rights to the air travellers.

  1. Flight cancellation

In case of a flight is cancelled, the air carrier is required to inform the same to the passenger at least two weeks before the scheduled departure and also offer alternate flight or a refund. If the passenger is informed with less than 14 days of the scheduled departure up to 24 hours before the departure, then the air carrier is supposed to offer an alternative flight which is within 2 hours from the scheduled departure of the cancelled flight.

If the passengers only find out about the cancelled status of flight after they reach the airport, the carrier has to offer a refund as well as refreshments and meals as per the wait time. If you online flight tickets booking but provide inadequate contact details, and the flight is cancelled, you are not entitled to any financial compensation. The carrier will refund the fare or make alternative arrangements for you.

  1. Overbooked flights

If a flight is overbooked, the passengers would be asked to give up their seats voluntarily and get facilities or services in return. If at all the carrier denies boarding to a passenger without his/her compliance, the passenger is entitled to receive compensation on the basis of the time difference between the scheduled departure of original flight and the alternative flight.

  1. Loss/damage/delay of luggage

If your luggage is damaged, lost or delayed by the airline, you need to collect a PIR (Property Irregularity Report) before you leave the airport. If the luggage is damaged, the airline would replace the luggage or pay for the damages. If the luggage is lost or delayed, the airline should pay compensation to the passenger. Ensure that you go through the luggage delay/loss policy when booking flight tickets as they can vary between carriers and countries.

  1. Facilities for expectant mothers and senior citizens

 If you are an expectant mother or a senior citizen, you have the right to ask for small trolleys or automated buggies to help you cover the distance to the boarding gate. This facility is offered at airports that have an annual aircraft movement of more than 50,000. Even for disabled passengers, the airline is supposed to make all the necessary arrangements requested by the passenger at least 48 hours before the scheduled departure.

With the falling airfare and a large number of low-cost carriers now available, air travel is now an affordable mode of transport. But as an air passenger, it is essential to know your rights as you never know when you might have to exercise them to ensure a safe and comfortable journey.

Pick fine holiday package from online

It is impossible to all people to go for any best vacation trip with their friends and family. For that we need to get the right plan and deals. Going for the vacation is always the best one where we can get the most pleasure and happiness. We have to select the place to explore our self in best manner.  How to find the best place for trip in online? This is very much simple as we can able to get the best place where we are wanted to get the right path for making our trip in great ways. If you are wanted to make out the right solution that are giving you great process of working state then you are need to make the good conditioning working.

If you are looking for the best place to explore the nature and the beauty of nature a lot then choosing the Orlando is the best vacation spot of all time. People who are retiring soon or want a place for a vacation get away then Orlando should be topping the list of places in Florida. It is located at 125 kilo meters to South east of Florida. It is largest of three other Islands. It is closer by few miles to another popular spot known as Orlando Islands. Get the best The Orlando rooms and other things should be book in advance so that you can able to get avoid the last minute tension. The online site is offering many offer you wide range of options to choose from in the form of resort and apartments in Orlando.  Stay and enjoy the three nights and 4 days package for an affordable price. This 3 night package is really very low than all other.

Many online holiday package companies are giving good holiday packages that are very much interesting for the people in order to get the best package for lower price money. The discount will vary for hotel to hotel and from resort to resort then the people are really getting confuse about where to choose and how to choose. This is why we are suggesting all the travelers in order to find out the best ways for picking up the right suitable holiday package for you through the online site. Get the discounts and deals for your vacation from the timeshare presentation dealsMany hotels and restaurants are giving many discounts for the tourist people and giving more deals and offers too. Discounts for the price in the hotel rooms and offers for your holiday package are really good then only you can able to get the better solution for your company.

The Health Benefits of a Walking Holiday

The Health Benefits of a Walking Holiday

Holidays are known for spending time relaxing and eating great food. They’re times to recharge and get rested. However, they’re not known for the amount of health and fitness you can pack into your holiday. Many people skip exercising or sticking to a diet plan while they’re on holiday. While that’s understandable, it’s not always wise to break a fitness routine. It can sometimes be very difficult to maintain a good fitness regimen. If you break it, it can be difficult to get back into it. The setbacks can be very discouraging. Fortunately, there is a way to spend time on a relaxing holiday while also getting some exercise in.

Trekking and Hiking

Trekking and hiking are both great activities that are very popular when you’re on holiday. The major difference between the two is a matter of intensity. Hiking is generally a fairly leisurely to moderate pace through a certain type of terrain. Hiking is usually more strenuous and more of what many would consider a workout. Spanish walking holidays will offer you options for both. A trekking holiday will typically take you farther and faster. A hiking holiday is a little bit more relaxing.

Whether you want to experience relaxation or exhilaration, it’s best to hire a professional team to design your holiday.

Walking Holiday

A walking holiday is a simple concept. You will find a team that puts together walking holidays in the area where you would like to visit; Spain is a great choice due to great weather and varied terrain. You will then look through the different walking holidays until you find one that fits your interests.

It should also fit your fitness level. They’re generally ranked by their difficulty. Pick how long you would like to visit, and that can help determine which holiday is right for you. Once you’ve done all that, you just need to set out on your holiday. If you choose to follow the itinerary point by point, you’ll be taken to a variety of locations. You’ll be able to stay in incredible hotels, trek through great tracks, and even visit some of the islands if you would like to do so.

Walking as Exercise

Walking is considered one of the most efficient ways to travel. You will go much faster if you run, but you can’t actually go farther because you burn through energy much faster that way. Walking is also easier on your knees and joints than some other higher-impact exercises. When you choose a holiday tailored to your own fitness level, you will know how much you are going to be challenged and how much exercise you can get.

Hopefully, when you get back from Spain you’ll still have the same fitness level as when you left. If you’re not much for exercise, a walking holiday could be a great way to start your workout regimen. If you haven’t worked out recently, you should talk with your doctor about different holiday options to make sure you’re healthy enough. There’s so much to see in Spain, and you want to make sure you can see it all.

Have a Nice Trip (See You Next Fall)

Have a Nice Trip

When it comes to travel, there are endless benefits to this illustrious and storied human pastime. There’s so much to see and so much to do in this great big beautiful world of ours that there really is something for everyone, so it’s no wonder that just about everyone has some aspirations of travelling the globe. You could pursue breath taking natural vistas, or you could expose yourself to one of the many cultures that make up the fabric of the grand tapestry that is human civilization. The choice is up to you. Either way, there’s no shortage of ways to both literally and figuratively broaden your horizons. Here are some tips to get the most out of your travel experience.

First and foremost, consider the power of documentation. Documenting your experiences is a great way to strengthen your memories, as well as having a portal back through time with which to relive your memories. Therefore, there’s every reason to take your Canon DSLR with you on your journey to take pictures of all of your favorite moments and sights. Or, you could take a video  camera, instead, for life in motion, instead. You could even just write down your experiences in a travel journal from your hotel room each night, if you like. The choice is up to you.

Another great way to further enjoy your travel experience is to exclusively eat local cuisine. Much of the world has been invaded by American corporations like McDonald’s and KFC, so you could get a taste of home wherever you go, but where’s the fun in that? When I’m in Korea, I want pho, and I go to India for the masala. Half the fun of travel is to get out of your comfort zone and to try new things, so why stick to old habits in a new land?

Best Brunch Spots in Jakarta, Best Way to Chill

Best Brunch Spots in Jakarta, Best Way to Chill

Do not you feel tense and become hot-headed after your shift? Five days are a long time to conceal your stress. Perhaps that is why weekend exists, to untie your complicated string. It is vital to own your relaxing day, the day when you do not need to rush everything, the day you really live every single second with peace. You can loosen your tension with brunch time and some chit chat with your friends at best brunch spots in Jakarta.

Collage All Day Dining is located inside Hotel Pullman Jakarta Central Park, Podomoro City, West Jakarta. This restaurant brings you to weekend brunch at its finest. This sophisticated interior with chic open kitchen style will take your brunch time to the next level. Open on Saturday and Sunday from 11.30 AM to 3 PM, this meticulous restaurant spoils you with their completed buffet stations. The price for this exclusiveness starts from Rp428.000 per person. Besides the weekend brunch at hotel, you can step outside and drive to one of the best brunch spots in Jakarta at Pacific Place Mall, Ground Floor. Inside the mall you will find casual brunch restaurant named PAUL Bakery. This place is super cosy with neat plating dishes. They spoil you with their wide selection of French and European breads. Their Strawberry Mille-Feuilles is highly recommended. They also bake French croissant and pastries with nothing but perfection. You can enjoy your brunch time at PAUL Bakery on any day. The price range is around Rp100.000 – Rp200.000. Still inside Pacific Place Mall, at 2sd Floor specifically at Lafayette Gallery, there is a brunch restaurant called Liberte. Liberte is designed to give us Paris-France vibes. They have well-decorated interior with beautiful and colourful flowers on the table that will bounce us to the Paris romance. They offer you elegant plating and great taste to your palate. Their Barramundi with Ratatouille is insanely good. They also tease your tongue with their Salmon Fetuccine and Oglio lio Spaghetti. Refresh your mouth with their vitamin water. The cost is pretty pricey but still accessible, from Rp200.000 to Rp300.000.

What is brunch without a cup of coffee? Tanamera is number one café in Jakarta. Their signature coffee formulas from their coffee whizzes have brought them as the ‘Champion International Roaster’ winner. This remarkable coffee house is placed in Thamrin City Office Park AA 07, Jl. Kebon Kacang Raya, Central Jakarta. Moving on, there are other café who serve great coffee. Using the best Toraja Arabica beans, Traffique becomes great place to chill while drinking excellent coffee. Traffique is pretty popular of their skilled baristas and cosy place. You can access this Instagrammable café through Jl. Hang Tuah Raya No. 9, South Jakarta.Last but not least, situated in Hero Kemang Complex Jl. Kemang Selatan No.1, Antipodean offers you old-fashioned café. This unique café gives you 70’s to 80’s café ambiances. Chill and indulge yourself with a cup of superb coffee and some incredible pastries from one of the best brunch spots in Jakarta.

Top Most Expensive Honeymoon Suites In The World

Top Most Expensive Honeymoon Suites In The World

Do you have any idea what the suites of the most luxurious honeymoons in the world look like?No, you will say. And that’s why I did my research to offer you a preview and invite you to dream a little …

Everyone who takes the step of marriage wants to make it an unforgettable event: it begins with a bachelor party of boys / girls completely crazy, followed by a dream wedding and finally the coveted honeymoon. I would even say that this trip is the culmination of all the ceremony, the icing on the cake what.
Why should we deprive ourselves of this unforgettable journey and not reserve one of the most expensive suites in the world? Well, I have the answer, for the survival of your wallet 🙂 However, a little bit of dream is not forbidden, so let’s discover these incredible suites right away!

Royal Suite Hotel Plaza Athénée – Paris

The honeymoon is unforgettable, also known as a romantic place and to spend the holidays of his life, we finally need a special atmosphere that will make you forget everything but your tender and dear new spouse ). So what city would be more romantic than Paris ? Often called the city of love, the city lives up to its reputation!
With stunning views of the Eiffel Tower, the historic and luxurious 5 * Plaza Athénée Hotel is located just minutes from the Champs Elysées. And who says honeymoon, says the Single Royal Suite , and when I say unique, I weigh my words! An apartment of 450 m² with two entrances , two large bedrooms each with its own private dressing, Two marble bathrooms with a remote shower, a jacuzzi and of course, a huge balcony overlooking the Eiffel Tower, here are some of the amenities I wanted to remind you of. Other questions ? Ha yes, the price … The Prix de la Royale Suite … 20 000 € per night!

Royal Suite of the hotel Burj Al Arab Jumeirah – Dubai:

When we speak of luxury and extravagance, we suspect that the city of Dubai will make its appearance. If you all know the famous Burj Khalifa Tower, there is a second building that is known all over the world, the 5 * Burj Al Arab Hotel with its silhouette shaped like a sail. The first-class service, the unique luxury suites in the world, its location on the artificial island off Dubai … all this strengthens the hotel’s unique status in this luxury resort! It is therefore not surprising that the Burj Al Arab has one of the most expensive honeymoon suites in the world. Beautifully decorated, the Royal Suite is the quintessence of luxury itself: the newlyweds will enjoy 780 m² during their memorable stay. A spacious room with a rotating bed overlooking the tranquil blue sea and a 24-carat gold ipad, a private cinema and a butler at their service are the main features of this room.
The price ? Hoooo, almost nothing, just 50,000 € a night

Our Top Honeymoon Hotels

Our Top Honeymoon Hotels

Your wedding is approaching and you do not know where to head for your honeymoonTemptingPlaces is here to help you find the honeymoon hotel of your dreams, and offer you the best of romantic destinations.

Luxury and intimacy of a Bordeaux château
Château Pape Clément – Pessac, France

The Château Pape Clément is not only a rare wine, Grand Cru Classé of Graves, but also a property that offers the luxurious and intimate services of a guest house, with 3 suites and 2 rooms, located in the heart of the Bernard Magrez vineyard Of Pessac. Far from any urban hustle and bustle, it is a tailor-made stay for lovers of the French heritage and the art of winemaking. An unusual Bordeaux getaway.

+ Tempting Advantage: Free bottle of wine and wine tasting at the vineyard shop

An Intimate Honeymoon in Thailand
The Pavilions, Phuket – Phuket, Thailand

On the island of Phuket, there is an exceptional refuge, ideal for romantic Honeymoons: The Pavilions Phuket. Let yourself be tempted and come to escape to two, in one of these 48 beautiful villas protected by nature. At the Pavilions, Phuket, a few fathoms in your private pool with ocean views or a relaxing massage in your spa will be enough to isolate you, disconnect from the world. Perched atop the hills, the resort combines stunning sea views with luxurious and refined Asian interiors. The first-class service and the excellence of the cuisine create an intimate, romantic and exclusive atmosphere that will satisfy the most demanding bride and groom.

+ TemptingPlaces Advantages: A foot massage for two and access to WiFi in the villa.

Experience the Art of Barefoot Luxury Tekoma – Rodrigues Island, Mauritius

Tekoma is a hotel built in communion with the natural setting, where the art of barefoot luxury is practiced without moderation. This charming hotel facing the open sea is an ideal cocoon on the beach of Anse Ally for couples or nature-loving contemplative travelers. Wilder than its cousin Mauritius, the lagoon of Rodrigues is home to 18 islets, the most famous of which are the island of Cocos, and Hermitage Island

+ TemptingPlaces Advantage: Bottle of wine, massage, fruit basket and honeymoon honeymoon

A romantic escape in the heart of the vineyards
Domaine de Verchant – Montpellier (Castelnau le Lez), France

For a unique Honeymoon in the middle of the vineyards of the South of France, choose Le Domaine de Verchant, a mysterious secret boutique hotel. This elegant 17th century country house, skilfully decorated with contemporary furnishings, featuring a design spa and a selection of rooms combining comfort and innovation, guarantees you the most romantic and luxurious stay. Enjoy a genuine Epicurean journey by tasting the renowned wines of the region associated with the original gourmet cuisine of the restaurant Le Verchant. Charm of the unusual, elegance of design and patina of the past will make your Honeymoon exceptional.

+ TemptingPlaces Advantage: A bottle of wine from Domaine de Verchant.

A tropical paradise for the honeymoon of your dreams
The Shanti Maurice-A Nira Resort – Mauritius

In the South of Mauritius, a magnificent 5-star luxury boutique hotel is devoted to pleasure. Spa, refined cuisine, private beach and crystal clear waters … Everything is there to make your dream Honeymoon a reality! Discover the largest Spa in the Indian Ocean, and experience an exceptional wellness experience for two. The 17 villas and 49 suites, dotted with tropical gardens, offer spectacular views of the ocean. Enjoy this tropical paradise by admiring a romantic sunset over the sea from your private pool or directly from the beach.You will soon be seduced by this chic and stylish hotel that will offer the best upscale services to make your Moon De Miel an unforgettable experience.

+ TemptingPlaces Advantages: Cocktail lessons and departure gift offered

Infinity pool and chromotherapy
Jade Mountain – Soufriere, St Lucia

Jade Mountain is not only a luxury hotel by the sea, it is a dream place. The suites are as if suspended in nature, completely open to the outside! Instead of the fourth wall, you have an infinity pool and an extraordinary view … It feels alone in the world, in a sophisticated and design space where everything is studied to give a feeling of fullness. At Jade Mountain you will feel at the height of romance. This place is ideal for couples looking to spend time out of time, memorable!

Hunting the coon in the wild

Hunting the coon in the wild

Hunting is always an adventure for any person in this world. It showcases the person’s valor to the outsiders. Though most animals are prohibited to be hunted yet there lies few animals for the choice. In the sport of hunting, there are risks on the other side and the risk may turn into extreme danger depending on the situations. There are beasts at the same place which may knock down us in the absence of attention and this picture is a lot more apparent when the coon hunting is done at nights.

The raccoon hunt

Raccoons which are usually called as coons are one of the most common and ideal animals for hunting in the continents of America that is both North America and South America. They are thickly covered with grey fur with eyes masked with black color. The long tails that are striped with black and brown colors make their appearance to be cool. Owing to the nature of their tail’s position, they get the name as ring-tailed animals. Typically their habitat lies in the burrows that are dug deep and these animals are largely alone and hunt in the night time only. The coons have the superb ability to do both the actions swim and climb in an excellent manner.

More about the coon hunting

Coon Hunting is the name given for that hunting type where raccoons or coons are the prey. The season for hunting is strictly regulated by the wildlife conservation bodies of every nation. Traditionally few breeds of dog are deployed for help in hunting the coons. In the daytime, it is near to impossible to hunt down a coon as they live in burrows. It is in the night time that suits best for the hunting. The dogs are trained particularly to detect the scent of the raccoon. A modern form of Coon Hunting uses selectively the coonhound’s breed of dogs which are a subgroup of scent hound while in the history any kind of dog was used.

Use of dogs to hunt raccoons

The dogs follow the scent of the coon and there are two variants of dogs that do this scent following where the first category is hot nosed (that which skips the old scent upon sniffing a fresh one) and the other one is cold nosed (sticks onto older scent). The dogs end their search through the action of baying when it finally finds that the coon has climbed a tree. With the barking sound of the dog, the human hunter proceeds to the place and since it is done in the night time, headlight or handheld flashlights are used for the aid of vision. Depending on the choice, the hunter may use a GPS tracker on the collars of the dogs and a locator device which is held in the hands of the hunter.

Discover Escale Beaute Nature, Your Organic Beauty Institute

Discover Escale Beaute Nature, Your Organic Beauty Institute

Marie  Fauchier, welcomes you in her beauty institute since the end of November 2014 in Lavans-les-Saint-Claude. It welcomes the female clientele for makeup, waxing massages and manicure. Discover a whole range of body and facial treatments.

Check out the Christmas gift ideas by clicking on the button above “Make an appointment online 24 hours a day”!

ESCALE BEAUTE NATURE invites you to a total escape within its institute in Lavans-les-Saint-Claude. After a professional retraining, Marie  Fauchier turned to aesthetics and won the CAP, BAC pro Cosmétique to offer an optimal result to its clients. Currently in the third year of the Master’s degree, she receives you in her institute in the center of the city since the end of November 2014.

Marie  is your only interlocutor, she offers a service of proximity to the individuals and the works councils. She wants to be able to take time for her clients, and give them maximum attention. ESCALE BEAUTE NATURE is an institute recommended by the  Nationale Artisanale des Instituts de Beauté.

“A passion for aesthetics”

Many benefits

Located in the center of Lavans-les-Saint-Claude, next to the church and the town hall, the beauty institute ESCALE BEAUTE NATURE invites you to enter the organic world with brands like Phyt’s and discover the pleasure And the effectiveness of natural cosmetics. It offers waxing , relaxing massages, body treatments, facials, tanning by misting, thinning by high-tech equipment.

Personalized care, in ampoules for single use, which guarantee a hygiene and a maximum purity. ESCALE BEAUTE NATURE realizes epilations with honey, oriental wax or sugar for a softer skin naturally.

“Take time for yourself”

The advantages of ESCALE BEAUTE NATURE: